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Gold Glove Awards Mean Nothing

When gathering with buddies the other night, we were discussing the announcement of the National League Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award to be announced tomorrow and the possibility of Joey Votto of the Cincinnati Reds winning the award.  Being a homegrown product, and dealing with him while I working for the Dayton Dragons, I think it will be an awesome accomplishment.

Our discussion spread to other post season awards that are announced each season following the World Series, and one drew a pretty interesting and somewhat heated discussion. When the topic of Gold Gloves came up, I quickly and very admittedly objected to the award, coming out and calling it fake and means nothing to be given one.

My friends were taken back that I, “Mr. I Love Baseball More than Life,” would say such a thing about an honor given to numerous players each season.  I defending my statements saying that I lost all respect for the award following the 1999 season.

What most people do not know is that in 1999, Rafael Palmeiro won the most controversial Gold Glove selection in the history of the trophy being handed out.  That season he only played 28 games at first base, and another 135 as the designated hitter for the Baltimore Orioles.   True, he was best offensive player that season who played any games at first base, hitting 47 homers and driving in 148 runs, but the award is for the best fielder.

I just feel that the Gold Glove award is another popularity contest, and given based on reputation of the past with the combination of the offensive numbers that you put up.  Palmeiro had won Gold Gloves the two seasons prior, and with such a great offensive year in ’99, voters just gave him the award again.

The Gold Glove voting is done by the managers and coaches in each league.  It is quite obvious that they don’t take it seriously enough to look up any numbers or stats, and go based on reputation and name recognition.

To me, this totally turned me off from the Gold Glove award and devalued it in my eyes.  How a guy can play less than 20% at position and win an award for the best there is beyond me.  So, there is my reasoning for disliking the Gold Glove award, and I am pretty sure my argument also turned a few of my friends opinions the other way.

Rafael Palmerio's 1999 Gold Glove was a joke

Palmerio gets a Gold Glove for that?

Palmerio has one of these he should give back

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